Sample – Prego Light Homestyle Alfredo

As a member of Crowdtap, I was sent a package of goodies from Campbell’s.  Even though the products were free, all opinions are my own.

My family is very picky and we end up eating the same foods over and over again.  We also try to find things that are quick and easy to make and 9 times out of 10 we end up at the drive thru instead of actually cooking dinner.

While we were going through our box of goodies, we were trying to figure out what we would cook with each one.


For one night this week, we chose the Prego Light Homestyle Alfredo sauce, but couldn’t decide what to pair it with.

So we went to the Campbell’s site, to browse through some ideas.  Nothing jumped out at us (remember we are picky), but while we were walking around Wal-Mart last week, we saw some frozen cheese ravioli.

I have never had ravioli with anything other than a spaghetti sauce, but I thought that the Alfredo sauce would taste good with it.

I boiled the water and added the ravioli.  (See the cute cutting board and wooden spoon, I also received in my box of goodies?)

2015-01-04 18.39.18

When the ravioli was cooked, I drained it and then added the sauce.  I heated it up just a little bit.  I made some garlic bread and also served a salad on the side.

2015-01-04 18.49.02

Jason’s only comment was that it was different and H said that she didn’t like cheese ravioli and decided to not even try it.  I thought it tasted great and will definitely be buying this one again and trying it with some different noodles.  Maybe some chicken Alfredo next time.

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Sample – Campbell’s Skillet Sauces

As a member of Crowdtap, I was sent a sample packet of goodies to try from Campbell’s.  The products were sponsored by Campbell’s but all opinions are my own.

The first product I tried was the Campbell’s Skillet Sauces.  The sample we were sent was the Creamy Parmesan Chicken.

The only thing I needed was a pound of boneless skinless chicken breasts cut up into chunks and vegetable oil.  2014-12-25 17.52.55

The next step is to cook the chicken in the skillet until it is cooked thoroughly.  Once the chicken is cooked, add the skillet sauce.

2014-12-25 18.14.29

Heat the sauce to a boil and then reduce heat, cover and cook for 5 minutes.

So easy and a great way to get a home cooked meal on the table in less than 30 minutes.

I also made some egg noodles and a vegetable to round out our meal.

2014-12-25 18.16.56

I will definitely be purchasing this product again and I can’t wait to try some of the other flavors.

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Have you ever heard of Jamberry Nails?

No? Well, let me tell you about them.

IMG_1525Jamberry nail wraps are heat and pressure activated vinyl wraps. They’re unlike anything else you can buy, anywhere else. They’re not polish strips. They outlast the dollar-store brands, and even the expensive salon brands. They don’t chip, fade, or smell — and they don’t dry out. Jamberry last up to 2 weeks on your fingers, and up to 4 weeks on your toes. Yep. You read that right. 

I first tried Jamberry in January when a friend from high school invited me to her Facebook party. I requested a sample and did a 7 day challenge against polish.  The Jamberry Nails held up great while the polish was chipping by the second day.  I knew I was going to be hooked then.  In July I decided to host a party because there were too many designs to choose from and figured that by hosting a party, I could get a ton of free stuff and I must say that I did!IMG_1588  I have awesome friends that took a chance and tried Jamberry and in return, I was able to score some free stuff.

A few weeks ago, I decided to go ahead and become a consultant.  I’m not looking to make a career out of it, but making some extra cash on a product I love is awesome!  Maybe I can put the money aside for a downpayment on a home.


If you would like to try a sample, visit here . I won’t use the information for anything other than sending you a sample. 

Click one of these links  to purchase, to host a party, to become a consultant.

If you have any questions, please let me know!!

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Day 16

Today was a good day. I’m still tweaking my diet and how often I eat and how much I eat. I’m still getting my portions in, but just splitting my fruits and veggies into a couple of different meals and snacks.

Workout: upper body fix

Pre-workout snack: 1/2 banana
Breakfast: steel cut oatmeal and hard boiled eggs
Snack: 1/2 portion of carrots
Lunch: veggie burger, other 1/2 of carrots and 1/2 of my grapes
Snack: almonds and the other 1/2 of the grapes
Snack: strawberry shakeology
Dinner: turkey spaghetti with whole wheat pasta and a salad.

Chest exercises after reconstruction

I’ve never been good at push-ups, but I could at least crank out 10 or so on my knees prior to my surgery. Most mornings I would wake up and do push-ups, crunches and other accidents.

After having a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction, it is very difficult to do push-ups and other chest exercises. I would assume it’s because my implants are behind my chest muscles. I am continuing to push through the exercises and hopefully, it will get easier.

Day 15 – start of the final week

Here we are – week 3, day 1! I’m feeling good. I can do more exercises and keep pushing myself. I haven’t done measurements other than weight. As of this morning, I’m down 4 pounds. On Friday I was down 5, so my bad food choices cost me a pound, but it’s better than most weekends before the fix.

Workout: total body cardio fix
Pre-workout snack: 1/2 banana
Breakfast: steel cut oatmeal and turkey bacon
Snack: carrots
Lunch: turkey on whole wheat thin and grapes
Snack: pistachios
Snack: chocolate shakeology
Dinner: baked chicken with seasoning and salad

Day 12, 13, and 14

Okay, I’m going to roll the weekend into one post to save time.

Friday was a good day and even with a baseball game, I managed to keep on track.

Workout: Cardio Fix
Pre-workout snack – 1/2 banana
Breakfast – steel cut oatmeal and hard boiled eggs
Snack – Greek yogurt with blueberries
Lunch – ham and chicken breast on whole wheat thin and carrots
Snack – almonds
Dinner – subway Chicken bacon ranch on whole wheat with the extra bread torn out. I also had a bag of baked lays. I know I went over in my yellows, but I still feel like I had a good day.

Saturday morning started out at 6 am with Dirty 30. My daughter had to be at her tennis tournament by 7:20 and I didn’t know how long we were going to be gone, so I knew I needed to get it out of the way.

I’m going to admit now that I didn’t make the best food choices on Saturday.

Pre-workout snack: 1/2 banana
Breakfast: mini pancakes
Lunch: steak strips and spicy fries from Dairy Burger. If you know anything about South Texas than you have probably heard of Dairy Burger. It’s famous for its steak strips and it’s sweet tea. Thankfully, I gave up their sweet tea many years ago, but I do enjoy their unsweet tea.
Dinner: lean turkey meatballs with whole wheat pasta and light marinara.

So, see not the best choices, but I didn’t overindulge too much.

Sunday was a lazy day with only church on the agenda. I was up at 8 am to do Yoga. I love stretching out. It feels amazing. Prior to this challenge, I had never done yoga before. I think it’s definitely something I want to look into more.

Pre-workout snack: 1/2 banana
Breakfast: whole grain waffle with peanut butter and turkey bacon
Lunch: chicken leg and wing and a couple of fries
Snack: grapes
Snack: strawberry shake
Dinner: beef fajitas with smoky southwestern seasoning, lettuce, tomatoes and corn tortillas and beans

Now on to week 3. I’m probably going to do another round once I finish on Sunday. I’m enjoying the exercises and slowly changing my eating habits.

Day 11

This morning sleep won over Pilates. I realized that after work, I didn’t have any where to be, so I would have plenty of time to work out. As soon as we walked in the door, I changed my clothes and worked out. I was able to do more than last week and that makes me happy.

Breakfast – steel cut oatmeal and turkey bacon
Snack – yogurt and blueberries
Lunch – chicken breast and ham on a whole wheat thin and broccoli and avocado
Snack – I cheated after I picked up H from tennis practice and grabbed a package of strawberry and watermelon kazzoodles. They were very good.
Dinner – grilled chicken breast, okra and organic peas.

Workout – Pilates

Day 10

My legs are on fire today!  I can really feel it in my thighs right now.  A couple of times I had to drop down to my lower weights, but for the most part, I stuck with my heavier set.

My goal for today is to do better with my containers and I will get my shakeology in today.

Workout – Lower Body Fix

Pre-workout snack – 1/2 banana

Breakfast – Steel cut oatmeal and 2 hard boiled eggs
Snack – Yogurt and cantaloupe

Lunch – turkey on whole wheat thin with cherry tomatoes

Snack – almonds

Snack – sunflower kernels

Dinner – strawberry shakeology and 2 tsp of peanut butter

I was very tempted to grab something from the concession stand of the baseball game, but I stuck with water and waited until I got home to make my shake.

Day 9

I’m proud of myself today.  Last week when I did the upper body workout, I didn’t trust myself to use my heavier weights, so I rotated between my 3 pound and 2 pound weights.  This week for my heavy sets, I used my 6 pound weights and then used the 3 pound weights for the lighter sets.  I made sure to keep my form and focus on my breathing and I feel really good!

Workout – Upper Body Fix
Pre-workout snack – 1/2 Banana
Breakfast – Steel Cut Oatmeal and turkey bacon
Snack – Yogurt and strawberries
Lunch – Turkey Breast on whole wheat thin with broccoli and avocado
Snack – Unsalted Sunflower kernels
Dinner – I picked H up from tennis practice at 6:15 pm and rushed to a Relay for Life meeting.  We finally left at 8 pm (the meeting was still going) and headed to Subway because H and I were both starving.  I ordered a 6″ oven roasted chicken breast on wheat bread and had them pull some of the bread out.  I put spinach, tomatoes, pickles, and olives and mustard on it.  I also had some Baked Lays.

I know I went over on my yellow containers again this week.  I’m going to do better on Day 10!