Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tonight we have a baseball scrimmage, so there will be no Valentine’s Dinner tonight.  We will probably have concession stand food or McDonald’s for dinner.  Thankfully, a wonderful girl who graduated last year, took Haley to the carnival Saturday night, so that Jason and I could have dinner.  There aren’t too many choices here in town, so we went to Chili’s.  We had a good time together and even had dessert since I still had my coupon for a free brownie sundae that Chili’s sent me for my birthday. 

I have become accustomed to not celebrating Valentine’s Day (and my birthday – January 31) on the actual days because they fall during baseball season.  Jason does a good job of making sure I know that he loves me all of the time and not just on specific days.  We have been lucky the past two years because my birthday and Valentine’s day have been on the weekend, but this year starts

In health news, I have an appointment with my oncologist on Friday, so hopefully, I will have news then.  I will still meet with the surgeon on the 1st, but hopefully, the oncologist can shed some more light on what’s going on.

2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Praying for Friday!
    it doesn’t matter what you do for vday, as long as you do it with those you love! I’m working from home, Chris is playing a game on the computer in the other room… we’ve barely talked for the last two hours lol… but we’re together!

    I hope you find some “together” time tonight! ❤


  2. We are the same way. We don’t have baseball season to contend with, but life often does get in the way of celebrating Valentine’s Day. We usually just have a nice meal @ home rather than fight the crowds. We try to make every day Valentine’s Day as well. So pretty much every day together is a special one. Treasure the life you have together. No matter what the trials, there are a lot of people who are always searching for something and don’t have the sense to realize that what they have is a fantastic thing!

    Happy Valentines Day!


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