First Baseball Game of the Season

Last night was the first baseball game of the season and we were late. 

Yesterday was also H’s first soccer practice of the Spring Season.  When her coach asked me if Mondays and Thursdays would be okay for practice, I said, “Sure thing.”  Of course, I forgot that the first game of the season was on a Monday.

When we arrived at the game it was the top of the 4th and we were down 2-0.  Then they scored another run, so we were down 3-0 going into the bottom of the 5th.  We were finally able to get a run on the board in the bottom of the 5th.  In the bottom of the 6th, we came alive.  We scored 12 runs with no outs to win the game with 10-run rule.  What a way to start the season!!

The team travels to the Valley this weekend for the McAllen tournament.  H & I will head down there if we are playing in the championship game.  If not we will enjoy, a few days without coach.  Next weekend he also travels (Thursday-Saturday) for the Kerrville Tournament.  I booked a hotel room in Kerrville for Friday night, but H’s coach told us yesterday that their first game will be that weekend, so I guess I’ll be canceling my room.

Things were so much easier before H was involved in sports.  LOL.

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