First baseball tournament

Last weekend was the first baseball tournament of the season.  It was also the first time that H and I were home by ourselves since we moved here in October.  Jason left Thursday during the day and returned home late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. 

The first two days of the tournament were great for the team.  They won all four games and were scheduled to play in the championship game Saturday evening against the #2 team in the Valley.  H and I didn’t have anything else going on and were planning on traveling to the game.  Thankfully, the head coach’s wife was also heading down there, so we tagged along with her and her kids. 

The championship game did not have the outcome we were hoping for.  We did have two homeruns, but it wasn’t enough to even have a close game.  The boys never gave up during the game and didn’t seem to upset afterwards.  They have two more tournaments coming up, so it should be fun. 

H and I won’t be able to attend any games of the next tournament because she has a soccer game on Saturday.  Prior to H being involved in soccer, we were at every possible game and tournament, but now her schedule has priority over Jason’s games. 

Our schedule is very busy during the spring, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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