So tired of eating out

Ugh!  Our schedule is so busy right now and it won’t stop until the end of April.  This is our weekly schedule:

Monday – soccer practice 6-7:15
Tuesday – baseball games starting at 7 pm
Wednesday – our ONLY Free Night
Thursday – soccer practice 6-7:15
Friday – baseball games starting at 7 pm
Saturday – soccer game
Sunday – soccer training 4-6 pm

H and I are 30 minutes away from home, so it’s not like we can run home real quick and grab a bite to eat and she’s not supposed to eat too much before practice because then her stomach hurts, so we end up grabbing something after practice because if we wait until we get home it is after 8 pm.  That is too late to be eating in my opinion.

On baseball game nights, if the game is at home than we can eat something at home, but on the away nights it’s either concession stand food or eating with the team afterwards.

I don’t know what we can do because my budget and my diet can’t afford to keep eating out and there is only so much Subway I can take.

2 thoughts on “So tired of eating out

  1. I hate it when schedules are like that. I can’t help with the budget, but maybe there is some variety you can add – the salads with grilled chicken at McD’s are pretty good, and if there’s a Panera, that’s a great option, too.
    The only restaurant we have really close to where I work is a Subway, so I totally hear you – there is only so much you can take…!


    1. Thanks, Amanda! No Panera in this area. I’ll have to try the salad from McDs. I had a salad at Subway the other day just for something different.


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