Implants vs. TRAM Flap

I’m way overdo for an update, so I figure we’ll start where I left off with my last appointment.

Going into my appointment with the plastic surgeon I was leaning towards the TRAM Flap procedure.  It’s kind of like a tummy tuck and breast reconstruction at the same time.  Muscle, fat, and skin from the abdomen region is used to create the new breast.

Dr. Robert Fernandez was the first plastic surgeon I met with.  He showed me some pictures of before and after with implants and TRAM Flap.  He told me that he doesn’t do the TRAM Flap anymore and refers patients to his partner Dr. Vijay K. Bindingnavele, but Dr. Fernandez didn’t think I had enough stomach fat for the procedure.  I met with Dr. Vijay the next week and he confirmed Dr. Fernandez’s assessment, so instead of getting my tummy tuck, I will only be getting new boobs.

Thanks to RoseAnn, I have been introduced to a new blog to follow.  Her cancer situation is more advanced than mine, but I’m glad to have someone else to follow along with.

Thank you for your continued prayers.  Surgery will be sometime the first or second week of June, so that Jason and H can be out of school and not have to worry about missing days.  Jason may miss a day or two of summer school depending on when the surgery is, but we will find a way to manage.  My sister has already told me that she will be taking some days off to come and help out at the house.

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