Health Update

I’ve known this day was coming since February when I received my genetic test results, but now we have a surgery date.  June 8th, 2011 I will be having my prophylactic bilateral mastectomy with expander reconstruction.  I will be in the hospital a couple of days and then will be at home for 4-6 weeks.

Over the next month, I will be cleaning up my office and make arrangements for the duties that must be done while I’m gone and figure out what can wait.  Thankfully, the taxes are done (corporate and individual).  The taxes (as well as Jason and Haley’s school schedules) were the main reason for waiting. 

I talked to my big boss today (I have 4, but only one actually oversees my work) and he told me that he will meet with me several times over the next month, so we can work everything out.  He said that he would even spend more time in the office if necessary, so that I won’t worry about things getting done. We’ll see how that works out.

I need to make an appointment with my plastic surgeon to go over what exactly is going to happen.  I have a pretty good idea from researching the internet and from April’s blog.  She has been a lifesaver to me.  She has even been brave enough to post pictures and I hope she realizes how much that has helped me. 

I would love to be able to provide the same type of support, but all I can think about is my husband’s students finding the pictures.  Password protecting the pictures would be an option, but I wonder how many women would actually email me for the password.  That is something I need to decide in the next month.

Hopefully, I will update y’all each week leading up to the surgery.  I’m sure that I’m going to get more nervous as it gets closer, but I do know that this is the best thing for me.

6 thoughts on “Health Update

  1. I love you, and you are so brave. I will pray for you as your surgery date approaches. And following, too. Here is hoping everything goes fantastically smooth at work.


  2. Sending love from here, too. I’m just awed by your strength and resolve, and so grateful that you’ve had April’s blog to help and guide you. I read some of it, and she’s doing a really brave and amazing thing by putting all of that out here to help others.
    You are in my thoughts, as always! I’m so glad work is being so supportive about everything…!


  3. You continue to be in my thoughts. I’m glad you’re getting such good support from Jason and your boss and your newfound blog friends!


  4. Just found your blog through THCWA. My mom is a breast cancer survivor so I have some pretty specific experience praying these prayers. I am delighted to say she is clear nearly 9 years, having had a radical double mastectomy. Will be praying.

    Regina Corley
    Temple WILDCATS
    Temple, TX


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