Monthly Archives: May 2011


This post is a couple weeks late.  We are, thankfully, in our down time.  Baseball is over (even though it would have been nice to get farther in the playoffs) and soccer is over. 

Baseball only made it to the first round of playoffs, which is the first time in a very long time.

The soccer team went to the South Texas Cup State Tournament in Houston and placed 4th and then the following weekend they played in the Jeffords Cup Tournament in Corpus Christi and took 2nd.  Very proud of those girls.  They are going to take a few weeks off and then pick up again in July to start training for the fall.  So during June, H is going to run summer track to hopefully, pick up some speed.

We can finally go straight home after work and school.  It is very nice to have these few weeks of peace.  We eat at home every night which helps our health as well as our checkbook.  We spend more quality time with each other, but give us a few weeks and then I’ll be asking when football starts.

Of course because this is our slow time of year, this is when I scheduled my surgery.  We are down to 2 weeks.  Hopefully, I can get the house cleaned up, so that it can stand a few weeks of neglect.