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Football Season has arrived!

I know this post is a few weeks late since two-a-days started on August 1st, but here it is. Better late than never.
My coach and his favorite junior sports trainer.

Our first game of the season was Friday night against Laredo Alexander.  We made the drive over to Laredo and did not come home in a very good mood.  It’s not the way you want to start the season, but at least we have no where to go but up.

We rode over to the game with my favorite “soon-to-be” coach’s wife.  She won’t officially be a coach’s wife until next summer, but I can break her in now.  Of course there wasn’t too much cheering going on, but when we did score, she realized how many “fair-weathered” fans we have.  Everyone is excited when things are going the right way, but many turn their backs when the score is not in our favor.

I’m proud to be a coach’s wife and most of the time you will find me standing and cheering.  My next shirt that I have made will say on the back “Coach’s Wife: Deal with it,” so they understand why I stand and cheer no matter what the scoreboard says.  The boys need to know that we support them no matter what.

And because I feel like this post needed another picture.  The first day of school –  my 5th grader is getting so big.

Football Season is here

Two-a-days started this morning. If you are not familiar with high school football, it’s the first day that they can start practicing the kids. They hold two practices a day for the next two weeks. Some schools have a practice early in the morning and then let the kids off for the afternoon and then they come back in the evening. Our school does the practices back to back. They start at 7:30 am and they are done by 12:30 pm. The coaches work for a few hours after that and then they are home for dinner.

I’m so glad that our school does this. It’s nice to have my husband home for dinner. Of course this only lasts until school starts and then it’s just H and me for dinner every night. Have I ever mentioned I hate cooking for just the two of us? She is very picky and wants to eat the same thing over and over again. Hopefully, I can get her to make dinner a few nights a week. Maybe she’ll try something new if she makes it.

I love football season and the Friday Night Lights. There is nothing like high school football in Texas. It’s a wonderful atmosphere and I love being a coach’s wife. I love the cheering and the fans when everything is going great. I do not like listening to fans who think they know more than the coach. Jason boug me a new shirt at coaching school and I’m ready to wear it. It says, “Coach’s Wife, Not the Complaint Department.”. It is perfect!

August 1st

I can’t believe it is already August 1st. Almost two months since surgery, so I figured it was time for an update.

Surgery was June 8th. I was in the hospital until the 10th. Everyone at South Texas Surgical Hospital was wonderful. If you are local and have a choice, I highly recommend it.

Both surgeons were very pleased with the results. I have yet to look in the mirror and probably won’t until after my next surgery. Both of my doctors know and support my decision to not look. I have looked down and it freaks me out, so I think I think it’s better for me to just wait.

I have already had two expansions. My most recent was today. My plastic surgeon said that I probably only need one more expansion and then about six weeks after that, I’ll have my next surgery to take the expanders out and put in the permanent implants. I have 500 cc expanders and we have already put in 420 ccs of saline in each one. I’m ready to wear real bras again instead of sports bras.

The next step after that will be nipples. I have a couple of options there and am still looking at what will be best for me. Hopefully, all of this will be finished up by the end of the year.

I do need to visit with my gynecologist about having my ovaries removed, but I will do that at my annual appointment in October.

Overall, I’m still glad that I did this. The pain and the soreness are worth not having to worry every six months about breast cancer showing up again. I was very lucky that my cancer was caught early. I’m just ready for all of these doctor visits to be over. I know that I will see them several times over the next few years, but hopefully, those will all be quick, happy checkups.