September 2 – different week, same outcome

We had to add another loss to our stats.  The defense played really well, but the offense gave up two interceptions and a fumble in our 28-14 loss.  This coming weekend we play Port Arthur Memorial on Saturday.  I’m afraid that this outcome will more than likely be the same as the last two weeks.  Last year they ran all over us.  I’m hoping our boys can pull it together and get a win.  We need the confidence.

Again, I felt like the only person cheering in the stands.  My body is still sore and for a while I was afraid I shifted something in my implants because they felt weird Saturday and Sunday.  Today, they are still sore, but not as bad.  I guess I need to take it easy.  LOL.

Here are a few pictures from Friday night:

Haley and another coach's kid waiting for the game to start.
The players lined up for the Star Spangled Banner.
Everything is ready for the run-through!
Captain's Meeting with the rest of the Coyotes lined up behind them.
Working hard up in the pressbox.

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