Football Wife’s Sideline Club – Football Friday

How long have you been a coach’s wife? Tell us about your team! What is the best and hardest parts about being a coach’s wife?

My husband and I were married in 1999. He became a coach in 2003 in Alice, TX. We are still there. He started out as a 5th & 6th grade PE teacher coaching junior high football and basketball. The next year he was still doing junior high football, but was doing high school baseball. After that he moved up to high school football and baseball and is still doing that.

I love being a coach’s wife. The players become a part of your family. My daughter has a blast picking on the boys like they are her brothers and they all pick back at her.

The hardest part is not seeing my husband very often especially during the season. But truthfully, it’s not so bad and I have gotten used to it. He’s home December and January and by the end of January, I’m ready for baseball to start and the same thing happens during the summer.

This year has been a rough year for us especially after my cancer diagnosis, but the coaching staff has really helped us out and allowed him to be with me when I needed it. They are even making plans for me to watch a game from the pressbox after my next surgery, so that I don’t have to miss it. šŸ™‚

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