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Football Friday – Game Day Attire

This is technically last week’s topic, but I forgot about it especially since it was our bye week, so there will be a couple posts from me today.

am always in an Alice Coyote shirt on game days.  I’m not one to dress up for the games, so I’m usually in jeans and then which ever Coyote shirt I feel like wearing.

I ordered a custom shirt for this football season and have worn it for every game since I purchased it.

(Click here to purchase.)
The back text reads:

Those aren’t my kids
But I will stand
I will cheer
I will make noise
But Most of All
I will support them
Because I’m a
Coach’s Wife!

Football Friday – Tailgating

Week 2 (10/7): Tailgating Recipes/Traditions.  What do you do before the games?  Are there any special recipes you’d like to share?

We don’t really do tailgating at our football games.  I know it’s a big deal in college football, but not so much in high school.  My guess would be it’s because most of our games are on Friday nights and we’re busy just trying to get to the game on time after work. 

We do have a tradition after the home games of eating together.  Under previous coaches, we’ve rotated houses.  This season we are eating at the school.  Everyone brings something to share.  Last week I made a cake for the party.

It was my first attempt at decorating a cake and I realized that my lines need a lot of work as do my letters. LOL.

I don’t have any homemade recipes to share, but I’ve never had any complaints when I make these chocolate chip cookie dough brownies.