Football Friday – Game Day Attire

This is technically last week’s topic, but I forgot about it especially since it was our bye week, so there will be a couple posts from me today.

am always in an Alice Coyote shirt on game days.  I’m not one to dress up for the games, so I’m usually in jeans and then which ever Coyote shirt I feel like wearing.

I ordered a custom shirt for this football season and have worn it for every game since I purchased it.

(Click here to purchase.)
The back text reads:

Those aren’t my kids
But I will stand
I will cheer
I will make noise
But Most of All
I will support them
Because I’m a
Coach’s Wife!

5 thoughts on “Football Friday – Game Day Attire

  1. Hey there! I would like to know what the link or site is you ordered this shirt from. I love it and would like to order one, too! Thanks! 🙂


  2. Oh great! Thank you so much for your reply and help! It is SO hard to find cute coach’s wives shirts. I really appreciate you sharing this link with me.


    1. Not a problem at all! I am very proud to be a Coach’s Wife and I created this shirt because the fans behind me were getting upset that they couldn’t see. I couldn’t believe that they weren’t up on their feet cheering for their kids.

      My husband usually brings me shirts home from coaching school, but he told me there just aren’t that many shirts this year. My favorite shirt says, “Coach’s Wife, Not the complaint department.”


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