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I tried and I made it through the 8th, but now I have nothing that is burning on my mind to talk about, so now I have missed two days of NaBloPoMo. 😦

Today, we have a football game down in the valley.  It is going to be pretty tough.  We are without our starting quarterback due to injuries he sustained in last week’s tough loss.

This has been a long season and even though it’s always sad when football season is over, I think it is time to move on to baseball.  🙂  Of course, I’ll enjoy the next two months with my husband, but believe me by the time January rolls around, it’ll be nice for him to be back at practice.

Now don’t get me wrong, I would love a win tonight and I’m hoping that we can somehow turns things around and pull it out tonight.  That would make for a very wonderful night, but no matter what, we need to stand beside those boys and make sure they know that we are proud of them.

Water for Elephants

Several months ago, when the movie trailers started appearing for Water for Elephants, I decided I wanted to read the book first.

Even though the book was dark at times, I really enjoyed it and I was worried that the movie wouldn’t live up to the book like most movies based on books.

I will report that I was very happy with the movie.  It’s been a few months since I’ve read the book, but there were no parts that jumped out at me as not being from the book or things that were out of order.

Wonderful movie and book!


No more drains

I had my follow up with my plastic surgeon this morning and thankfully, he removed both of my drains.  He is very happy with the way everything looks.

I can drive now, but I still can’t return to work.  I can’t exercise. I can’t lift anything more than 10 pounds.  I can’t lift my arms over my head.  But I can take a shower without having to worry about those stinkin’ drains getting in the way!

I see him again on Monday to have my stitches removed and then I can go back to work.

I have to wear a supportive bra 24/7.  Right now I’m wearing a post-surgical bra that they gave me at the hospital.  After my shower tonight, I will try on some of my other bras to find the most comfortable ones and to figure out if I really am the same size. 🙂

Now I will enjoy the rest of my week at home.

P.S. I did work for about an hour today from home and it was more comfortable than being at the office.


I have known all my life that I cannot sleep on my back.  It’s not a physical thing either.  It’s all in my head.

Ever since I was a little kid, whenever I sleep on my back, I have horrible dreams. Nightmares. Awful dreams.

So the past few months have really sucked because the only way to sleep is on my back.  My preferred position to sleep: on my stomach.  Well, that’s not an option right now.  I don’t know if that will ever be an option with my implants.  I would be too afraid that I would break them.  I guess I need to ask my doctor about that.

Only other position would be on my side.  The past couple of months, I was finally able to lay on my side as long as I had a pillow (actually my pillowpet) next to me, so that I wasn’t really putting pressure on my implants.

So now I’m back to sleeping on my back and the dreams are visiting me.  They have a weird way of affecting my entire day.  I know that they aren’t real, but they mess with my mood.

One night last week, I dreamt that Jason and I had a huge fight and I can’t tell you what the fight was about, but I know that I was mad at him when I woke up.  He likes to tell me “You can’t get mad at me for things that happen in your dreams” because it happens all of the time.  Last night, I actually woke myself up crying because of how real the dream seemed.

I do know that if I take Tylenol or Advil PM before bed, it knocks me out and I don’t dream, but I really don’t want to do that every night.

I just hope I’m back to sleeping on my side sooner rather than later.

A strange place to be

Yesterday was a long day.  I was determined to go to the football game last night and I regretted it afterwards.  I did sit in the pressbox with the coaches to avoid the chilly weather, but I wasn’t comfortable.  I’m used to yelling and jumping up and down at games and I was confined to my chair.  I couldn’t risk pulling my drains or stitches out, so I was stuck there.

Haley was on the sidelines with the football trainers and I think she enjoyed it.  The first half she stayed by the bench, so she wasn’t in the way, but during the second half I saw her following the trainers around and helping with water.  She will be a great student trainer when she gets to high school.

Today, Haley has a soccer game in Harlingen, which is about a 2 hour drive from here.  There’s no way I could have driven her and I don’t even think I could sit in the car for 2 hours to get to the game and then back home again, so my father-in-law graciously agreed to take her down there.  It’s very unusual for me to not be at her game and to not be doing something else.  I missed quite a few games in the spring, but it was all because of work.  I’m trying to relax and take it easy, but truthfully, I would rather be on my way to the game.

Last regular football game of the season

I’m not sure where this football season has gone.  How have we already played 10 games?

It was not our best season, but we will have at least one week in the playoffs.  This year has been different for us.  Jason and I started having the secondary boys over for dinner on Monday nights.  It was a good bonding experience for the boys who normally don’t hang out with each other.  Everyone got a long and had a good time.  They are a great bunch of kids.

We only did it 3 times, but have realized it is something we will continue next year.  I just need to figure out how to cook for a bunch of boys.  I know that they prefer homecooked meals.

Haley enjoys having her “big brothers” over at the house.  They pick on her and she picks back.  One of them even likes to tell her to clean her room.

We had them over on the 24th and I told them that would be the last supper for a while because I was having surgery on the 1st.  The next day they asked Jason if they needed to come over and fix me dinner.  I thought that was so sweet.

I’m glad that this is my life.  I love being a coach’s wife.  Yes, I know it’s not always a rewarding job and my husband works long hours, but it’s not a life I would change for anything.

One Year Ago

It’s hard to believe that everything that has happened this year, started one year ago on November 3, 2010.

That’s the day I went for what I thought was going to be a baseline mammogram at the age of 30.  I never even thought that it would end up with a cancer diagnosis and then bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction.  This has been a long year.

Cancer was always a possibility in the back of my mind.  When you lose a parent at a young age to cancer, the worry is always there that it’s going to happen to you.  I was 11 when my mom was diagnosed at the age of 42.  She died a year later.  I grew up quickly at 12 years old.  I also learned to keep everything in and not to depend on anyone else.  I was going to be the best and do it on my own.  This year was a lesson in letting others help me.  Even at the hospital it was hard for me to push the button for help, so I did it as little as possible.

At home it’s even harder to ask for help because i don’t want to feel like a burden to Jason.  I know he doesn’t see me that way, but I feel that way when I need help just to get up and go to the restroom.  He is wonderful to me and I hope he knows how much I love him and am so grateful to have him in my life.  It’s been a bumpy road but I guess that’s where the vows: for better or for worse and in sickness and in health come in to play.

there’s no place like home

I’m so glad to be at home. The hospital bed was very uncomfortable and being woken up every 2 hours for vitals sucks. How are you supposed to get better if they don’t let you rest?

Dr. Fernandez said everything went great. I can remove the dressings on Saturday and take a shower. I will go to his office on Monday to hopefully have my drains removed and then the following week, I will have my stitches removed and hopefully, go back to work.

Thank you for all the prayers. Please keep them coming for a quick and uneventful recovery.

Here we go!

Going to try blogging everyday for NaBloPoMo. This post will be short, since we are on our way to the hospital for surgery #3 of the year. I’m told this one won’t be as bad as the last one. All they are doing today is taking out my temporary tissue expanders and putting in my permanent implants.

I’m ready for all of this to be over. It has been a very long year.