Monthly Archives: July 2012

Places I’ve lived


so this week’s blog challenge – Where have you lived? Where do you dream of living? And – where do you realistically see yourself living after retirement?

I was born in Jacksonville, FL, but we moved to Kingsville, TX by the time I was 1.  My dad retired from the Navy when I was 5.  At that time, we moved about 10 miles away to Bishop.  I lived there until I graduatehi from high school.  

I moved to Georgetown, Tx to attend Southwestern University and stayed there for a year before moving back home and getting married in 1999.

Jason and I moved 6 times around Kingsville before we moved to Alice in 2005.  We lived there until 2008 when we moved to Bishop and in 2010 we moved back to Alice.  

I have to say that I hate moving.  Lol.

I dream about living in a bigger area with more opportunities.  We’ve talked about the Austin area which has a ton of schools that Jason could possibly choose from and I’m sure plenty of accounting jobs.

Retirement living – after our vacation to Disney World a few weeks ago, Jason and I are considering Florida.  He talked to one of the guys at the Animal Kingdom in the conservation and research department and with his biology background he could volunteer in that area.  Of course that’s not set in stone, but I would like to be in a nice community with plenty of friends around.