Still here

Wow! It’s been since August since I last posted.  I need to get better about blogging.

Football season is more than halfway over.  We have had 9 successful Monday night dinners.  Most of them have been spaghetti with some other offerings.

We did BBQ Wings one night.  A local restaurant let me have the dine-in price for the wings.

We’ve done pizza twice and Frito Pie once.

All of the others have been homemade spaghetti.

Last week at our coaches’ after party, Jason asked the AD where he purchased the food for the party and he mentioned the local meat market, so I think we are going to contact them for next week.

Jason also promised the boys that have been a constant at our dinners that after the season is over, we would cook steaks for them.

They are a good group of kids and we love having them at the house.

Jason broke down and bought H a fish tank.  She named the 5 fish after her favorite football players and had to show them off when they came over for dinner a few weeks ago.  Jason cleaned the tank last week and killed all but one of them. 😦  I guess now we need to buy some more.

Soccer is also keeping us busy.  Thankfully, H is off this weekend, but we are babysitting my 3 year old nephew, so he will definitely keep us on our toes.

Health wise everything is going great.  I will do a post about all of that by itself.

1 thought on “Still here

  1. That sucks about the fish! I never had anything more exotic than betas and even those never lasted too long.

    I can’t wait to hear about your weekend with your nephew!


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