Day 9

I’m proud of myself today.  Last week when I did the upper body workout, I didn’t trust myself to use my heavier weights, so I rotated between my 3 pound and 2 pound weights.  This week for my heavy sets, I used my 6 pound weights and then used the 3 pound weights for the lighter sets.  I made sure to keep my form and focus on my breathing and I feel really good!

Workout – Upper Body Fix
Pre-workout snack – 1/2 Banana
Breakfast – Steel Cut Oatmeal and turkey bacon
Snack – Yogurt and strawberries
Lunch – Turkey Breast on whole wheat thin with broccoli and avocado
Snack – Unsalted Sunflower kernels
Dinner – I picked H up from tennis practice at 6:15 pm and rushed to a Relay for Life meeting.  We finally left at 8 pm (the meeting was still going) and headed to Subway because H and I were both starving.  I ordered a 6″ oven roasted chicken breast on wheat bread and had them pull some of the bread out.  I put spinach, tomatoes, pickles, and olives and mustard on it.  I also had some Baked Lays.

I know I went over on my yellow containers again this week.  I’m going to do better on Day 10!

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