I’m Jenn, married to Jason since 1999.  We have one daughter, H, who keeps us busy.  I’m a CPA and Jason is a teacher/coach.  H plays soccer when we’re not cheering on Jason’s teams.

My life has been through many roller coasters, but the current journey is not something I expected.  “I’m sorry.  You have cancer” were not the words I was expecting to hear the day after my breast biopsy.  85% of microcalcifications are nothing, but somehow I managed to wind up in the 15% that is cancerous.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am interested in talking to you on email.
    I also was diagnosted with alomost the same thing as you and also have been tested and have positive Suspected BRAC2 mutation. I am would like to talk to you about what your decision have been and maybe get some insight ..i am not sure what direction i am goign to take with this knowledge.



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