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I’m going to try to get back into blogging and I figured I would use some of the prompts from the NaBloPoMo March 2012 challenge.  I’m not necessarily going to blog everyday, but we’ll see what happens.

March 1st:  How do you feel about uncertainty? Is it exciting or scary?

I do not like uncertainty.  The not knowing what is going to happen is always a scary thing. I like to be in control and that includes knowing the path my life is going down.

I guess the whole cancer thing tried to cleanse me of that notion because I definitely never saw that one coming.  Oh, I knew that it was a possibility in the future, but never in my wildest dreams thought that at 31 I would be dealing with it or at 32 I would be facing a hysterectomy and oophorectomy to get rid of my ovarian cancer risk.  It bothers me that I don’t know what my life will be like after the surgery.  What menopause symptoms will I have?  Will the surgery cause other issues inside my body?

There’s also uncertainty when your husband is a coach.  Athletic Directors and Head Coaches change jobs every few years and with that change comes the uncertainty of whether or not you are asked to move with them. If you choose to stay is the new A/D going to let you stay in your current coaching positions and teaching assignments.  It’s always up in the air.

I like for my life to be neat and orderly and to know what’s going to happen tomorrow.  I know life doesn’t happen that way, but I just have to learn how to roll with the punches and be ready for the uncertainty and learn how to deal with it.


I tried and I made it through the 8th, but now I have nothing that is burning on my mind to talk about, so now I have missed two days of NaBloPoMo. 😦

Today, we have a football game down in the valley.  It is going to be pretty tough.  We are without our starting quarterback due to injuries he sustained in last week’s tough loss.

This has been a long season and even though it’s always sad when football season is over, I think it is time to move on to baseball.  🙂  Of course, I’ll enjoy the next two months with my husband, but believe me by the time January rolls around, it’ll be nice for him to be back at practice.

Now don’t get me wrong, I would love a win tonight and I’m hoping that we can somehow turns things around and pull it out tonight.  That would make for a very wonderful night, but no matter what, we need to stand beside those boys and make sure they know that we are proud of them.

A strange place to be

Yesterday was a long day.  I was determined to go to the football game last night and I regretted it afterwards.  I did sit in the pressbox with the coaches to avoid the chilly weather, but I wasn’t comfortable.  I’m used to yelling and jumping up and down at games and I was confined to my chair.  I couldn’t risk pulling my drains or stitches out, so I was stuck there.

Haley was on the sidelines with the football trainers and I think she enjoyed it.  The first half she stayed by the bench, so she wasn’t in the way, but during the second half I saw her following the trainers around and helping with water.  She will be a great student trainer when she gets to high school.

Today, Haley has a soccer game in Harlingen, which is about a 2 hour drive from here.  There’s no way I could have driven her and I don’t even think I could sit in the car for 2 hours to get to the game and then back home again, so my father-in-law graciously agreed to take her down there.  It’s very unusual for me to not be at her game and to not be doing something else.  I missed quite a few games in the spring, but it was all because of work.  I’m trying to relax and take it easy, but truthfully, I would rather be on my way to the game.

Last regular football game of the season

I’m not sure where this football season has gone.  How have we already played 10 games?

It was not our best season, but we will have at least one week in the playoffs.  This year has been different for us.  Jason and I started having the secondary boys over for dinner on Monday nights.  It was a good bonding experience for the boys who normally don’t hang out with each other.  Everyone got a long and had a good time.  They are a great bunch of kids.

We only did it 3 times, but have realized it is something we will continue next year.  I just need to figure out how to cook for a bunch of boys.  I know that they prefer homecooked meals.

Haley enjoys having her “big brothers” over at the house.  They pick on her and she picks back.  One of them even likes to tell her to clean her room.

We had them over on the 24th and I told them that would be the last supper for a while because I was having surgery on the 1st.  The next day they asked Jason if they needed to come over and fix me dinner.  I thought that was so sweet.

I’m glad that this is my life.  I love being a coach’s wife.  Yes, I know it’s not always a rewarding job and my husband works long hours, but it’s not a life I would change for anything.

Football Friday – Game Day Attire

This is technically last week’s topic, but I forgot about it especially since it was our bye week, so there will be a couple posts from me today.

am always in an Alice Coyote shirt on game days.  I’m not one to dress up for the games, so I’m usually in jeans and then which ever Coyote shirt I feel like wearing.

I ordered a custom shirt for this football season and have worn it for every game since I purchased it.

(Click here to purchase.)
The back text reads:

Those aren’t my kids
But I will stand
I will cheer
I will make noise
But Most of All
I will support them
Because I’m a
Coach’s Wife!

Football Friday – Tailgating

Week 2 (10/7): Tailgating Recipes/Traditions.  What do you do before the games?  Are there any special recipes you’d like to share?

We don’t really do tailgating at our football games.  I know it’s a big deal in college football, but not so much in high school.  My guess would be it’s because most of our games are on Friday nights and we’re busy just trying to get to the game on time after work. 

We do have a tradition after the home games of eating together.  Under previous coaches, we’ve rotated houses.  This season we are eating at the school.  Everyone brings something to share.  Last week I made a cake for the party.

It was my first attempt at decorating a cake and I realized that my lines need a lot of work as do my letters. LOL.

I don’t have any homemade recipes to share, but I’ve never had any complaints when I make these chocolate chip cookie dough brownies.

Football Wife’s Sideline Club – Football Friday

How long have you been a coach’s wife? Tell us about your team! What is the best and hardest parts about being a coach’s wife?

My husband and I were married in 1999. He became a coach in 2003 in Alice, TX. We are still there. He started out as a 5th & 6th grade PE teacher coaching junior high football and basketball. The next year he was still doing junior high football, but was doing high school baseball. After that he moved up to high school football and baseball and is still doing that.

I love being a coach’s wife. The players become a part of your family. My daughter has a blast picking on the boys like they are her brothers and they all pick back at her.

The hardest part is not seeing my husband very often especially during the season. But truthfully, it’s not so bad and I have gotten used to it. He’s home December and January and by the end of January, I’m ready for baseball to start and the same thing happens during the summer.

This year has been a rough year for us especially after my cancer diagnosis, but the coaching staff has really helped us out and allowed him to be with me when I needed it. They are even making plans for me to watch a game from the pressbox after my next surgery, so that I don’t have to miss it. 🙂

My new shirt

I don’t have it in my possession, yet, but I have ordered it.  It was a little pricey, but I couldn’t get anyone to do screenprinting with less than 12 shirts, so I used

If you click on the picture, I think it will take you to customize girl’s website where you can customize it to your own school. 

Now if someone knows anyone who does screenprinting and is willing to do only one shirt, please let me know.  I love to make my own shirts, but it’s too expensive for me to always order from this website.

September 2 – different week, same outcome

We had to add another loss to our stats.  The defense played really well, but the offense gave up two interceptions and a fumble in our 28-14 loss.  This coming weekend we play Port Arthur Memorial on Saturday.  I’m afraid that this outcome will more than likely be the same as the last two weeks.  Last year they ran all over us.  I’m hoping our boys can pull it together and get a win.  We need the confidence.

Again, I felt like the only person cheering in the stands.  My body is still sore and for a while I was afraid I shifted something in my implants because they felt weird Saturday and Sunday.  Today, they are still sore, but not as bad.  I guess I need to take it easy.  LOL.

Here are a few pictures from Friday night:

Haley and another coach's kid waiting for the game to start.
The players lined up for the Star Spangled Banner.
Everything is ready for the run-through!
Captain's Meeting with the rest of the Coyotes lined up behind them.
Working hard up in the pressbox.

Football Season has arrived!

I know this post is a few weeks late since two-a-days started on August 1st, but here it is. Better late than never.
My coach and his favorite junior sports trainer.

Our first game of the season was Friday night against Laredo Alexander.  We made the drive over to Laredo and did not come home in a very good mood.  It’s not the way you want to start the season, but at least we have no where to go but up.

We rode over to the game with my favorite “soon-to-be” coach’s wife.  She won’t officially be a coach’s wife until next summer, but I can break her in now.  Of course there wasn’t too much cheering going on, but when we did score, she realized how many “fair-weathered” fans we have.  Everyone is excited when things are going the right way, but many turn their backs when the score is not in our favor.

I’m proud to be a coach’s wife and most of the time you will find me standing and cheering.  My next shirt that I have made will say on the back “Coach’s Wife: Deal with it,” so they understand why I stand and cheer no matter what the scoreboard says.  The boys need to know that we support them no matter what.

And because I feel like this post needed another picture.  The first day of school –  my 5th grader is getting so big.