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Day 6 & 7 – Change your thoughts, change your body!

Since I got sick Friday night, it continued into Saturday And I still wasn’t feeling great. I skipped my Dirty 30 workout and loaded up in the car to head to San Antonio for baseball and a baby shower.

Saturday- day 6

breakfast: oatmeal

snack: chocolate mini donuts (not my best choice)

lunch: 1/2 a turkey sandwich with tomatoes, pickles and mustard. Veggies and a slice if cake at the baby shower

We got home around 5 pm and I went straight to bed.  I didn’t get up until 9 am Sunday morning.

Sunday – Day 7

workout – yoga

breakfast – mini pancakes

lunch – 1/4 of a pizza from Grimaldi’s with pepperoni, mushroom and olives.

dinner – chicken and cheese ravioli with healthy marinara sauce and two servings of salad with fat free Italian dressing.

I also prepped all of my foods for this week. I’m ready to tackle week 2.

2013 Review from WordPress – Note to self Blog More in 2014

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 900 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 15 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Day 6 – change

NOV. 6: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Physically, I would love to be about 30 pounds lighter. I’m working on that but unfortunately that’s a slow process.

I would love to be a runner. I’ve tried, but I just can’t get into it.

I would love to not be a worrier. I always seem to have a ton on my mind and it’s usually stuff that I have no control over. It keeps me up at night.

I would like to be a better cook. More willing to try new things and just say no to the drive thru.

I would love to be better at keeping a cleaner house. It always falls to the bottom of the priority list until I absolutely have to do it.

I guess there’s quite a few things I would like to change about myself.

Soccer Saturday

H had a great game today. She’s been feeling under the weather and dealing with fluid in the ear and sinusitis most of the week.m she didn’t practice at all and she was worried that she wasn’t going to start today.  

She did start but never really had a chance to get her foot on the ball during the first half.  Her teammates managed to get two goals in.  Haley goes back in ti start the second half and then ends up scoring three goals.  She played her position and was where she needed to be when her teammates passed the ball.  

She has another game tomorrow.  Hopefully, she plays just as we’ll.

Inked up

I’ve talked about getting a tattoo in the past, but the idea I had in mind was always an orca whale on my ankle.  I even gave my friend a picture, so he could draw it up for me several years ago, but I never followed through.

Sometime in the past few months, I decided I wanted a breast cancer ribbon on my wrist.  I wasn’t sure how big or what I wanted it to look like, but I knew that was what I wanted.

In July, we went to Fiesta Texas and I had a temporary glitter tattoo put on my wrist just to try it out. Testing out a glittery "tattoo" before getting a real one. Lol photo 1052892_10151718136053841_538339974_o.jpgIt stayed on for a couple of weeks and when it started to come off, I decided that I was ready for the real thing.

As soon as I came to that decision, I sent a message to my friend, Mark, who does tattoos on the side.  His daughter and H went to day care together and we’ve kept in touch with them over the years.  I knew I would be comfortable with him doing it and I gave him my ideas.  I had to decided to add the years 1992 and 2011 to the design.

1992 is the year that my mom died and 2011 is the year that I survived breast cancer.  I showed up on July 27th and Mark had several ideas, so I picked the one that jumped out at me.

It’s finally completely healed, so here’s a current picture:

 photo 489405C5-54A8-4D4F-ACF7-10F491C327D6-14318-000005D5821AC50E_zps72c2756c.jpg

I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was afraid it was going to be painful and that I would move around too much and mess him up.  Well, I will admit that it was painful on my wrist and I don’t know that it’s something I will do again.  I love my tattoo and I don’t know what else would ever have the same meaning to me.

Do you have any tattoos?

Places I’ve lived


so this week’s blog challenge – Where have you lived? Where do you dream of living? And – where do you realistically see yourself living after retirement?

I was born in Jacksonville, FL, but we moved to Kingsville, TX by the time I was 1.  My dad retired from the Navy when I was 5.  At that time, we moved about 10 miles away to Bishop.  I lived there until I graduatehi from high school.  

I moved to Georgetown, Tx to attend Southwestern University and stayed there for a year before moving back home and getting married in 1999.

Jason and I moved 6 times around Kingsville before we moved to Alice in 2005.  We lived there until 2008 when we moved to Bishop and in 2010 we moved back to Alice.  

I have to say that I hate moving.  Lol.

I dream about living in a bigger area with more opportunities.  We’ve talked about the Austin area which has a ton of schools that Jason could possibly choose from and I’m sure plenty of accounting jobs.

Retirement living – after our vacation to Disney World a few weeks ago, Jason and I are considering Florida.  He talked to one of the guys at the Animal Kingdom in the conservation and research department and with his biology background he could volunteer in that area.  Of course that’s not set in stone, but I would like to be in a nice community with plenty of friends around.


Would you rather make your own choices or have someone make them for you?

I can go either way on this.

If we are talking about my life path and serious decisions, I like to be in control.  I like to know what’s going to happen. If I can choose which direction my life is going to go, then it is so much better for me.

Now if we are talking about little choices, I have no problem letting others decide. Like where to go out to eat.  If there are way too many options to choose from, I would rather someone either outright pick a place or at least narrow down the choices to two or three to pick from.  

The same goes for getting dressed and shopping for clothes.  I would love to have a personal shopper and someone to tell me what to wear everyday.  I always have to take Jason with me when I’m shopping for clothes and usually ask him if I look okay before leaving the house.  Thankfully, my job is very casual and I can get by with wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops almost every day.

Water for Elephants

Several months ago, when the movie trailers started appearing for Water for Elephants, I decided I wanted to read the book first.

Even though the book was dark at times, I really enjoyed it and I was worried that the movie wouldn’t live up to the book like most movies based on books.

I will report that I was very happy with the movie.  It’s been a few months since I’ve read the book, but there were no parts that jumped out at me as not being from the book or things that were out of order.

Wonderful movie and book!



I have known all my life that I cannot sleep on my back.  It’s not a physical thing either.  It’s all in my head.

Ever since I was a little kid, whenever I sleep on my back, I have horrible dreams. Nightmares. Awful dreams.

So the past few months have really sucked because the only way to sleep is on my back.  My preferred position to sleep: on my stomach.  Well, that’s not an option right now.  I don’t know if that will ever be an option with my implants.  I would be too afraid that I would break them.  I guess I need to ask my doctor about that.

Only other position would be on my side.  The past couple of months, I was finally able to lay on my side as long as I had a pillow (actually my pillowpet) next to me, so that I wasn’t really putting pressure on my implants.

So now I’m back to sleeping on my back and the dreams are visiting me.  They have a weird way of affecting my entire day.  I know that they aren’t real, but they mess with my mood.

One night last week, I dreamt that Jason and I had a huge fight and I can’t tell you what the fight was about, but I know that I was mad at him when I woke up.  He likes to tell me “You can’t get mad at me for things that happen in your dreams” because it happens all of the time.  Last night, I actually woke myself up crying because of how real the dream seemed.

I do know that if I take Tylenol or Advil PM before bed, it knocks me out and I don’t dream, but I really don’t want to do that every night.

I just hope I’m back to sleeping on my side sooner rather than later.

there’s no place like home

I’m so glad to be at home. The hospital bed was very uncomfortable and being woken up every 2 hours for vitals sucks. How are you supposed to get better if they don’t let you rest?

Dr. Fernandez said everything went great. I can remove the dressings on Saturday and take a shower. I will go to his office on Monday to hopefully have my drains removed and then the following week, I will have my stitches removed and hopefully, go back to work.

Thank you for all the prayers. Please keep them coming for a quick and uneventful recovery.