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Day 16

Today was a good day. I’m still tweaking my diet and how often I eat and how much I eat. I’m still getting my portions in, but just splitting my fruits and veggies into a couple of different meals and snacks.

Workout: upper body fix

Pre-workout snack: 1/2 banana
Breakfast: steel cut oatmeal and hard boiled eggs
Snack: 1/2 portion of carrots
Lunch: veggie burger, other 1/2 of carrots and 1/2 of my grapes
Snack: almonds and the other 1/2 of the grapes
Snack: strawberry shakeology
Dinner: turkey spaghetti with whole wheat pasta and a salad.

Day 15 – start of the final week

Here we are – week 3, day 1! I’m feeling good. I can do more exercises and keep pushing myself. I haven’t done measurements other than weight. As of this morning, I’m down 4 pounds. On Friday I was down 5, so my bad food choices cost me a pound, but it’s better than most weekends before the fix.

Workout: total body cardio fix
Pre-workout snack: 1/2 banana
Breakfast: steel cut oatmeal and turkey bacon
Snack: carrots
Lunch: turkey on whole wheat thin and grapes
Snack: pistachios
Snack: chocolate shakeology
Dinner: baked chicken with seasoning and salad

Day 12, 13, and 14

Okay, I’m going to roll the weekend into one post to save time.

Friday was a good day and even with a baseball game, I managed to keep on track.

Workout: Cardio Fix
Pre-workout snack – 1/2 banana
Breakfast – steel cut oatmeal and hard boiled eggs
Snack – Greek yogurt with blueberries
Lunch – ham and chicken breast on whole wheat thin and carrots
Snack – almonds
Dinner – subway Chicken bacon ranch on whole wheat with the extra bread torn out. I also had a bag of baked lays. I know I went over in my yellows, but I still feel like I had a good day.

Saturday morning started out at 6 am with Dirty 30. My daughter had to be at her tennis tournament by 7:20 and I didn’t know how long we were going to be gone, so I knew I needed to get it out of the way.

I’m going to admit now that I didn’t make the best food choices on Saturday.

Pre-workout snack: 1/2 banana
Breakfast: mini pancakes
Lunch: steak strips and spicy fries from Dairy Burger. If you know anything about South Texas than you have probably heard of Dairy Burger. It’s famous for its steak strips and it’s sweet tea. Thankfully, I gave up their sweet tea many years ago, but I do enjoy their unsweet tea.
Dinner: lean turkey meatballs with whole wheat pasta and light marinara.

So, see not the best choices, but I didn’t overindulge too much.

Sunday was a lazy day with only church on the agenda. I was up at 8 am to do Yoga. I love stretching out. It feels amazing. Prior to this challenge, I had never done yoga before. I think it’s definitely something I want to look into more.

Pre-workout snack: 1/2 banana
Breakfast: whole grain waffle with peanut butter and turkey bacon
Lunch: chicken leg and wing and a couple of fries
Snack: grapes
Snack: strawberry shake
Dinner: beef fajitas with smoky southwestern seasoning, lettuce, tomatoes and corn tortillas and beans

Now on to week 3. I’m probably going to do another round once I finish on Sunday. I’m enjoying the exercises and slowly changing my eating habits.

Day 11

This morning sleep won over Pilates. I realized that after work, I didn’t have any where to be, so I would have plenty of time to work out. As soon as we walked in the door, I changed my clothes and worked out. I was able to do more than last week and that makes me happy.

Breakfast – steel cut oatmeal and turkey bacon
Snack – yogurt and blueberries
Lunch – chicken breast and ham on a whole wheat thin and broccoli and avocado
Snack – I cheated after I picked up H from tennis practice and grabbed a package of strawberry and watermelon kazzoodles. They were very good.
Dinner – grilled chicken breast, okra and organic peas.

Workout – Pilates

Day 10

My legs are on fire today!  I can really feel it in my thighs right now.  A couple of times I had to drop down to my lower weights, but for the most part, I stuck with my heavier set.

My goal for today is to do better with my containers and I will get my shakeology in today.

Workout – Lower Body Fix

Pre-workout snack – 1/2 banana

Breakfast – Steel cut oatmeal and 2 hard boiled eggs
Snack – Yogurt and cantaloupe

Lunch – turkey on whole wheat thin with cherry tomatoes

Snack – almonds

Snack – sunflower kernels

Dinner – strawberry shakeology and 2 tsp of peanut butter

I was very tempted to grab something from the concession stand of the baseball game, but I stuck with water and waited until I got home to make my shake.

Day 9

I’m proud of myself today.  Last week when I did the upper body workout, I didn’t trust myself to use my heavier weights, so I rotated between my 3 pound and 2 pound weights.  This week for my heavy sets, I used my 6 pound weights and then used the 3 pound weights for the lighter sets.  I made sure to keep my form and focus on my breathing and I feel really good!

Workout – Upper Body Fix
Pre-workout snack – 1/2 Banana
Breakfast – Steel Cut Oatmeal and turkey bacon
Snack – Yogurt and strawberries
Lunch – Turkey Breast on whole wheat thin with broccoli and avocado
Snack – Unsalted Sunflower kernels
Dinner – I picked H up from tennis practice at 6:15 pm and rushed to a Relay for Life meeting.  We finally left at 8 pm (the meeting was still going) and headed to Subway because H and I were both starving.  I ordered a 6″ oven roasted chicken breast on wheat bread and had them pull some of the bread out.  I put spinach, tomatoes, pickles, and olives and mustard on it.  I also had some Baked Lays.

I know I went over on my yellow containers again this week.  I’m going to do better on Day 10!

Day 8

Week 2, Day 1 – also known as Day 8

I finally have my energy back and was able to get up and get the workout done this morning.  I tried not to overdo it and did most of the modified exercises.  I’m ready to start pushing myself a little bit harder though.

“You don’t get stronger by doing what you know you can. You get stronger by doing what you thought you couldn’t do.”

Workout : Total Body Cardio Fix
Pre-workout snack: 1/2 Banana
Breakfast: Steel Cut Oatmeal and 2 hard boiled eggs
Snack: Yogurt with blueberries
Lunch: Chicken Breast lunchmeat on a whole wheat thin with carrots and cherry tomatoes
Snack: 12 almonds
Dinner: Pork tenderloin with beans
Dessert: 1 Blonde Oreo Cookie

I was short a veggie for the day and one over on the carbs and I did cave and have an oreo, but I was able to hold myself to only one cookie, so I call that a win!

Day 6 & 7 – Change your thoughts, change your body!

Since I got sick Friday night, it continued into Saturday And I still wasn’t feeling great. I skipped my Dirty 30 workout and loaded up in the car to head to San Antonio for baseball and a baby shower.

Saturday- day 6

breakfast: oatmeal

snack: chocolate mini donuts (not my best choice)

lunch: 1/2 a turkey sandwich with tomatoes, pickles and mustard. Veggies and a slice if cake at the baby shower

We got home around 5 pm and I went straight to bed.  I didn’t get up until 9 am Sunday morning.

Sunday – Day 7

workout – yoga

breakfast – mini pancakes

lunch – 1/4 of a pizza from Grimaldi’s with pepperoni, mushroom and olives.

dinner – chicken and cheese ravioli with healthy marinara sauce and two servings of salad with fat free Italian dressing.

I also prepped all of my foods for this week. I’m ready to tackle week 2.

Day 5 – When you feel like quitting, remember why you started.

I won’t officially weigh and measure until Sunday, but this morning I was down 3 pounds from Monday.  It’s not a huge loss, but it’s good for me.  Slow and steady.

Today was more cardio and I definitely worked up a sweat this morning.  There were burpees and mountain climbers and some lateral squats.  I know I’m going to feel this tomorrow.

Workout: Cardio Fix
Pre-workout Snack: 1/2 Banana
Breakfast: Vanilla Shakeology

Snack: bacon and egg from a breakfast taco. I did not eat the tortilla

Lunch: Whataburger junior with small fries (I know this isn’t on the meal plan, but it was craving it.

Afternoon snack: carrots

after this I started feeling bad.  Went home and didn’t even feel like having dinner.  I ate a few crackers and then that didn’t stay down, so then it was time for bed.

Day 4 – Believe in Yourself

I did not eat enough yesterday.  I knew I was short a red container, but completely forgot that I was short a yellow container.  I could have had some crackers at the party last night or maybe a couple of chips.  But I was good and avoided the cake like the plague and only dipped two small strawberry slices in the chocolate fondue.

Workout – Pilates I have never tried Pilates before.  I’ve heard people talk about it, but didn’t really know what kind of exercises it included.  I must admit I enjoyed it this morning and it kicked my booty.  I’m still having to modify the exercises, but I feel that as long as I complete them correctly, then it’s okay.  Hopefully, before the 21 days are up, I will be able to do some of the exercises without modifications.

Pre-workout snack: 1/2 Banana
Breakfast: Chocolate Shakeology
Morning Snack: Carrots
Lunch: Turkey slices, crackers, broccoli, avocado
Afternoon Snack: plain yogurt with blueberries
Snack: Unsalted Sunflower Kernels
Dinner: broiled flounder, brown rice and carrots