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So tired of eating out

Ugh!  Our schedule is so busy right now and it won’t stop until the end of April.  This is our weekly schedule:

Monday – soccer practice 6-7:15
Tuesday – baseball games starting at 7 pm
Wednesday – our ONLY Free Night
Thursday – soccer practice 6-7:15
Friday – baseball games starting at 7 pm
Saturday – soccer game
Sunday – soccer training 4-6 pm

H and I are 30 minutes away from home, so it’s not like we can run home real quick and grab a bite to eat and she’s not supposed to eat too much before practice because then her stomach hurts, so we end up grabbing something after practice because if we wait until we get home it is after 8 pm.  That is too late to be eating in my opinion.

On baseball game nights, if the game is at home than we can eat something at home, but on the away nights it’s either concession stand food or eating with the team afterwards.

I don’t know what we can do because my budget and my diet can’t afford to keep eating out and there is only so much Subway I can take.

First baseball tournament

Last weekend was the first baseball tournament of the season.  It was also the first time that H and I were home by ourselves since we moved here in October.  Jason left Thursday during the day and returned home late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. 

The first two days of the tournament were great for the team.  They won all four games and were scheduled to play in the championship game Saturday evening against the #2 team in the Valley.  H and I didn’t have anything else going on and were planning on traveling to the game.  Thankfully, the head coach’s wife was also heading down there, so we tagged along with her and her kids. 

The championship game did not have the outcome we were hoping for.  We did have two homeruns, but it wasn’t enough to even have a close game.  The boys never gave up during the game and didn’t seem to upset afterwards.  They have two more tournaments coming up, so it should be fun. 

H and I won’t be able to attend any games of the next tournament because she has a soccer game on Saturday.  Prior to H being involved in soccer, we were at every possible game and tournament, but now her schedule has priority over Jason’s games. 

Our schedule is very busy during the spring, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

First Baseball Game of the Season

Last night was the first baseball game of the season and we were late. 

Yesterday was also H’s first soccer practice of the Spring Season.  When her coach asked me if Mondays and Thursdays would be okay for practice, I said, “Sure thing.”  Of course, I forgot that the first game of the season was on a Monday.

When we arrived at the game it was the top of the 4th and we were down 2-0.  Then they scored another run, so we were down 3-0 going into the bottom of the 5th.  We were finally able to get a run on the board in the bottom of the 5th.  In the bottom of the 6th, we came alive.  We scored 12 runs with no outs to win the game with 10-run rule.  What a way to start the season!!

The team travels to the Valley this weekend for the McAllen tournament.  H & I will head down there if we are playing in the championship game.  If not we will enjoy, a few days without coach.  Next weekend he also travels (Thursday-Saturday) for the Kerrville Tournament.  I booked a hotel room in Kerrville for Friday night, but H’s coach told us yesterday that their first game will be that weekend, so I guess I’ll be canceling my room.

Things were so much easier before H was involved in sports.  LOL.

Being a Coach’s Wife

This life is not for everyone.

Jason became a coach August 2003.  We became Coyotes and have been Coyotes since then.  We love this town  and most of the people in it.  I know that most coaches move around many, many times, but after spending 8 years here, I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Jason coaches football and baseball – the lifeblood of South Texas, which means he is busy from August until November (hopefully, one of these seasons we will make it to December) and then he gets most of December and January off.  Baseball season always starts around my birthday at the end of January and goes until May (one of these seasons we will be playing in June). 

We usually have just enough time together in the offseason before we start getting on each other’s nerves from so much togetherness and then it’s time for the next season.  It works for us, except for the nights at home when I’m trying to cook dinner for just H and me. 

Take tonight for example.  There was supposed to be a baseball scrimmage, but they decided to postpone until tomorrow because of the low temperatures tonight.  We made plans to go and watch the boys’ soccer game, but then Jason called me this afternoon and said they were going to practice the freshman and JV tonight, so our plans have changed again.  It’s something that you don’t really ever get used to.  Now I’m trying to figure out what H and I are going to do for dinner.

Tomorrow H and I have tickets to see the Houston Dynamo Soccer team play FC Dallas in Corpus Christi.  We are taking one of Haley’s friends with us, since the scrimmage has been moved to tomorrow.  We will have a good time anyway!  It’s something we know how to do well.  🙂