Sample – Prego Light Homestyle Alfredo

As a member of Crowdtap, I was sent a package of goodies from Campbell’s.  Even though the products were free, all opinions are my own.

My family is very picky and we end up eating the same foods over and over again.  We also try to find things that are quick and easy to make and 9 times out of 10 we end up at the drive thru instead of actually cooking dinner.

While we were going through our box of goodies, we were trying to figure out what we would cook with each one.


For one night this week, we chose the Prego Light Homestyle Alfredo sauce, but couldn’t decide what to pair it with.

So we went to the Campbell’s site, to browse through some ideas.  Nothing jumped out at us (remember we are picky), but while we were walking around Wal-Mart last week, we saw some frozen cheese ravioli.

I have never had ravioli with anything other than a spaghetti sauce, but I thought that the Alfredo sauce would taste good with it.

I boiled the water and added the ravioli.  (See the cute cutting board and wooden spoon, I also received in my box of goodies?)

2015-01-04 18.39.18

When the ravioli was cooked, I drained it and then added the sauce.  I heated it up just a little bit.  I made some garlic bread and also served a salad on the side.

2015-01-04 18.49.02

Jason’s only comment was that it was different and H said that she didn’t like cheese ravioli and decided to not even try it.  I thought it tasted great and will definitely be buying this one again and trying it with some different noodles.  Maybe some chicken Alfredo next time.

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